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    - The Man with the          "Golden Ears"

Heiress was born on May 3, It all started with her Grandmother on her Mothers side who was an Italian Gospel Singer, everyone praised both Her Mothers voice and her Grandmothers voice due to them both having Powerhouse voices. Unfortunately both her Mother and Her Grandmother couldn't be what they wanted to be due to them living in a time where it was either be a Gospel singer or be labeled all kinds of names for being an Entertainer, so at a young age Heiress promised her Mother and he Grandmother that she would be a Singer someday. Growing up in the Late 80s Her parents owned a Nightclub in Sydney, which she had the privilege of listening to a lot of Artists such as Tina TurnerEtta JamesWhitney HoustonAretha FranklinBB KingNina SimoneBig Mama ThorntonJames Brown, Janis Joplin and Michael Jackson, etc which later on became her Inspirations and Idols. Every night there would be an opening act in the Nightclub which she would love to listen to, at 9 pm she would have to leave due to the Club being packed with Adults. She said "One night i sneaked into the Nightclub and the DJ played "Nutbush City Limits" By Tina Turner. I ran into Ladies Bathroom and would hide until my Mother would catch me just to listen to all the Music and see all the wonderful people walk in, the aroma of perfumes, the red high heels, Just the whole essence of Music i fell in love with". One evening her cousin drove by her House, she went to his Car to take a listen of all the interesting songs he was playing, then she fell in love with Michael Jackson. Her parents saw she loved to sing when at the age of 4 she would place all her Teddy bears and toys around her room and put on her Mothers high heels and red lipstick with a wooden cooking spoon in her hand and sing to them. She then went on to ask her parents to apply her for a singing competition in Westfield Australia which she won 1st place in by singing Michael Jackson's Thriller and Billy Jean. She was then scouted by the Executive Producers at the Australian Young Talent Time show to join. Sadly her Grandmother on her Fathers side was very ill and her request was that she see's her family, Heiress had to cancel her audition and go overseas to see her Grandmother. Then for personal family reasons they had to move from Sydney, Australia to Europe. She grew up in a totally different school and atmosphere, Her Father was a Loving yet also Strict English Father who wanted her to focus on School, Books, and Education. As she started to mature her Father noticed she had beautiful features which made it worst for her as her Father was old fashioned and saw that Boys at her school started to flirt with her, she had to listen to her Father and stick to School and Education. Eventually she decided to follow her dreams and rebel against her the rules of her Parents. She then went to Brooklyn, New York to continue her musical career and record the rest of her music. She then received tragic news that Her mother is ill. She went back to Europe to support her Mother, her musical career went to havoc as her Mother passed away. After a few Years she continued her Musical Career and she became even stronger. She then made a single called "You Were My Best Friend" a song dedicated to her Mother which gained the attraction of the whole A&R Apartment in Sony Music Australia. She was invited by an A&R at Sony to get signed and Tod Deeley was also there, Tod said Quote "Her voice will rival many in the music airways today, She will have Platinums upon Platinums as her voice puts people in a trance". She then received tragic news that her Father is ill, she had to decline the deal with Sony as her heart was in pain. After a few years she has now moved to London to continue her musical career and has swore that nothing will come in her way to stop her. Her saying is "I want to make this world a better place, I wasn't born to break. Theres a song for everyone and always remember never give up.” She is now in touch with a major record label in London, UK regarding her new highly awaited single "Blood Red Sky" and is expecting to be signing soon.